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Summer Social - Flowers & Bees

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From 11:00 prompt

At Dorothy Clive Garden


An informal opportunity to meet up – without the bee suits.

However, the bees won’t be forgotten…

At Dorothy Clive Garden their Head Gardener,

Zedenek Valkoun-Walker

is also a bee keeper and

he will be talking to us about their bees.

He will also be giving us a guided tour of the renowned

Dorothy Clive Garden,

Before we sit down to enjoy a buffet lunch (more…)

Whitmore Road, Hanchurch Crossroad, Newcastle under Lyme ST5 4DG

Wally Shaw: Varroa and Deformed Wing Virus

note venue

At Hanchurch Village Hall

Whitmore Road, Hanchurch Crossroad, Newcastle under Lyme ST5 4DG

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An Apiary Guide to Swarm Control

An Apiary Guide to Swarm Control

Wally Shaw gave an excellent talk of swarm control at our meeting in April 2015. His booklet is available free ...
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Honey Show 2018

Honey Show 2018

John Goodwin: Honey Show Open Judging view the schedule and cake recipes ...
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Interested in Beekeeping?

Interested in Beekeeping?

Sign up for information on future beekeeping courses ...
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Breeding for resistance to <i>Varroa destructor</i> in Europe

Breeding for resistance to Varroa destructor in Europe

The rich variety of native honeybee subspecies and ecotypes in Europe offers a good genetic resource for selection towards Varroa ...
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Oxalic Acid Treatment

Oxalic Acid Treatment

Oxalic acid in December is an effective method of varroa control ...
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Check out the Beebase website; We recommend all members register with Beebase ...
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The Bee Improvement and Bee Breeders Association (BIBBA)
will hold its biennial conference during 6-9 September 2018 at
the Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, Gloucestershire.
All beekeepers are welcomeThe programme contains a wide variety of topics, with three
simultaneous lectures, together with seminars and workshops.
There is something for everyone, whatever your interest or
experience. The three lecture streams are themed as follows:

  • Bee lmprovement  Queen rearing, bee breeding,
    genetics, queen mating, mini-nucs and their
    management, overwintering queens, etc.
  • General beekeeping  Management techniques,
    treatment-free beekeeping, overwintering nucs, comb
    honey, marketing, bee communication, etc.
  • Beginner and beyond  Forage and feeding, wintering,
    swarming, bee space, nutrition, mystery of mating, colony
    cycle, simple management techniques, colony health,
    and more. The three days in this stream will be at a level
    that can help you understand and care for your bees.

more info at