Ian Molyneux: Swarm Control and the Taranov Board

Ian Molyneux: Swarm Control and the Taranov Board


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From 7:15 start

At The Friends Meeting House

Miller Street, Newcastle under Lyme ST5 1QJ

‘Swarming Volcano’ a look at the reasons why bees swarm and how to try and avoid them doing this.
Also a short section on the ‘Taranov’ method of swarm control.

Ian’s early working life was spent in motor mechanics but remembers harbouring a deep curiosity in flying insects.
In 1990 he attended a beekeeping class and got his first bees from a commercial beekeeper (Mr Tom Howard) in 1992.
Around this time, he started to consider a change in career eventually leaving the motor industry in 1994. By this time when he also acquired a holiday home in Southern Ireland where he was introduced to local beekeepers who further strengthened his passion in flying insects.
Receiving a swarm from one of these beekeepers (Mr Pat Liddy) finally helped him to establish what would become his chosen career in beekeeping.

Towards the end of the 1990’s he started work as a Seasonal Bee Inspector for the then MAFF, a position he held until 1997, before eventually securing a full-time job as a Field Officer for DEFRA.
In 2002 he began work as Regional Bee Inspector for the Northern part of England and now manages a team of 5 Seasonal Bee Inspector’s.
His management covers the regions of Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and the Wirral, Lancashire, Cumbria, Durham, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear.  

After an illustrious 25 years as a bee and field inspector Ian will finally be stepping down and taking retirement in April 2018.
Ian has written several articles for beekeeping magazines and periodicals

And his other points of interest are:

  • Honey Showing
  • Invented/designed items of beekeeping equipment
  • Examining candidates for the BBKA Basic examination
  • Work with Manchester and District Beekeepers Association and the development of a ‘Centre of Beekeeping Excellence’.