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Full and partner members of North Staffs BKA benefit from two types of insurance: third party cover for beekeeping buy valium xanax online activities and primary hive products cl_2015_policy_wording_1444854145 insurance_certificate_signed_1446737156 Bee disease insurance (BDI) limited cover for destruction due to foulbrood  

Colony collapse linked to stress

Bees in danger: Epidemic of colony collapses is linked to stressed out honeybees When honeybees are under stress they respond by sending out the youngest workers Steve Connor in the Independant Monday, 9 February 2015 The sharp decline in honeybees has been linked with a change in the foraging behaviour […]

Death by Varroa

The photograph shows a colony that died out in January, with the queen in a tiny cluster surrounded by food. This had been a strong colony but had been troubled by high levels of varroa, despite treatment with formic acid in autumn. We discovered it had died when we went […]