John Vendy – Natural Beekeeping Top Bar Bee Hive

John Vendy – Natural Beekeeping Top Bar Bee Hive

John Vendy – Natural Beekeeping Top Bar Bee Hive


From 7:00 for 7:30

At The Friends Meeting House

Miller Street, Newcastle under Lyme ST5 1QJ

            John has been interested in bees since being introduced to a hive when he was seven years old but, mainly due to work commitments, only started keeping bees in 2009. He has only kept bees in horizontal top-bar hives, preferring their simplicity when compared to framed hives.

            Controversially (to some) John’s preferred beekeeping methods include low intervention, no Varroa treatments, no honey harvesting and allowing bees to swarm naturally. Being in a relatively isolated village, John and two other beekeepers have been able to attempt to breed bees that are reasonably Varroa resistant and colony losses are now just above the national average using no treatments.

            Travel and holidays has lead to meeting beekeepers from many areas and discussions of their methods. The favourite is the “house hive” found in many places but common in northern India.

            Like many beekeepers, John is always willing to talk about his bees! This has lead to the hobby of delivering talks and offering beginners courses on the topic of “Natural Beekeeping”.

            John is also a member of three local beekeeping groups and is treasurer and membership secretary for Sedbergh & District BKA.

            When not involved in beekeeping activities walking two dogs, gardening and managing a small woodland account for much of John’s time.