Meeting Cancelled

Meeting Cancelled


we have cancelled this meeting in view of the current pandemic

Matthew Ingram - My Journey into Bee Keeping

Australian Bee Farming and an insight into extracting honey for hobby and commercial beekeepers.

From October 2019 to March 2020 I was fortunate enough to be able to work on a 1,800 hive bee farm in New South Wales, Australia. A large increase from my 80 hives back at home and a massive learning curve. I will talk about some of the biggest differences between Australian and British beekeeping as well as some of the practices I learnt and will be using with my own bees.

Honey extracting is a love it or hate it part of beekeeping, usually the first few times harvesting your own honey is exciting but the sticky mess left behind can soon leave you feeling like extracting is a chore rather than something to enjoy.

I will talk you through my progression from a hobby beekeeper to a commercial setup and what equipment I have learned to be invaluable along the way. As well as mistakes I’ve made (Because we all make them) so that hopefully you can learn from them.

As well as extracting the honey food hygiene and best practices are also an important part and so I will touch on these from my own experience of dealing with both Environmental Health and Trading Standards.

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