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  • Honey Jar Purchase
    We are now taking orders for honey jars complete with metal screw lids in gold finish.  Excellent value, traditional 1lb/454gr...
  • Guide to Swarm Control
    Wally Shaw gave an excellent talk of swarm control at our meeting in April 2015. His booklet is available free...
  • Breeding for resistance to Varroa destructor in Europe
    The rich variety of native honeybee subspecies and ecotypes in Europe offers a good genetic resource for selection towards...
  • Preparing for the Honey Show
    Although Autumn is the traditional time for honey shows, preparations should begin much earlier in the year.
  • Insurance
    Full and partner members of North Staffs BKA benefit from two types of insurance: third party cover for beekeeping...
  • Foulbrood - AFB & EFB
    Please be aware that both AFB and EFB have been found in North Staffordshire   A useful booklet can be downloaded...
  • Selection of Honeybees - aiming for vitality
    This interesting german video (narrated in english) describes a large scale selection process but the description of varroa monitoring...
  • the Rose Hive
    This is an interesting way of keeping bees (and amazing house in the background!)
  • Colony collapse linked to stress
    Bees in danger: Epidemic of colony collapses is linked to stressed out honeybees When honeybees are under stress they respond...
  • Death by Varroa
    The photograph shows a colony that died out in January, with the queen in a tiny cluster surrounded by...
  • The “Nosema Twins”
    Nosema becomes a problem when newly-emerged bees ingest spores
  • Constitution
    View the revised constitution adopted on 5th November 2014


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    Articles include: Programme to January 2015 Extra meeting for new beekeepers -1st Oct Details of the Honey Show Information on varroa Honey for Sale list Details...
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