North Staffordshire Beekeepers For everyone interested in honeybees in and around North Staffordshire

Reasons to Join North Staffordshire Beekeepers Association

All members of North Staffordshire BKA are automatically members of the British Beekeepers Association

Membership Benefits

  1. Information on educational and social meetings that are arranged.
  2. Details of practical instruction at the apiary
  3. Information and advice on beekeeping
  4. The BBKA News – a full colour monthly magazine
  5. Beekeeping Examinations to the highest level
  6. Representation at a National and International level
  7. Annual Spring Convention and Exhibition (seperate entry fee)
  8. Audio Visual Aids and Slide Libraries
  9. Full & Partner members only: Public and Product Liability Insurance brokered through the BBKA (see below)

If you are already a member of another BBKA affiliated Beekeepers Association,
contact our membership secretary for details of associate membership

 Public & Products Liability Insurance

BBKA has an insurance policy that covers individual beekeepers, who are members of their local association that is in turn a member of the BBKA.

The Public Liability relates to beekeeping activities of Full & Partner members (but NOT Country members) in the UK and has a £10,000,000 limit of liability.

A notice of cover is available for members attending farmers markets etc., when proof of cover is required.

The Public Liability insurance also covers officers of branches and associations undertaking their activities in connection with their group.

In addition the insurance covers product liability up to £5,000,000 (‘primary hive products’ i.e.honey, wax & propolis)