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Membership Renewal

Please note that all members details will be shared with BeeBase; see Privacy Policy  The membership year runs from 1st February.  New members joining after 1st September will NOT be asked to pay again the following February.Full and Joint subscriptions to the association give you 3rd party insurance cover for claims relating to beekeeping and selling direct hive products (honey and wax), irrespective of how many hives you have.

Membership Categories

Single Full – £29.00 includes BBKA membership with 3rd party insurance for one person

Single Country -£16.00 for one person without bees who wants BBKA membership but not 3rd party insurance

Joint (full & Partner-) £48.00 includes BBKA membership with 3rd party insurance for two people at the same address, with one copy of BBKA news

Associate membership is available to members of other associations £8.00

Contact the membership secretary for details. If you are a full member and your spouse/partner and does not need insurance, then he/she will not need to be a member, since our meetings are open to everyone.

Bee Disease Insurance

Full membership provides BDI cover for up to three hives in the event of a destruction order from a bee inspector, issued because of foulbrood. It does not provide cover if your bees die for any other reason. If you have more than three hives, you should buy extra BDI cover:

4-5 hives £1.20

up to 10 hives £4.70

(if you need BDI for more than 10 hives, please select the 'Pay Later' option and we will contact you:

up to 20 hives £9.50;

up to 25 hives £11.10;

up to 30 hives £13.60)

Newsletter: We aim to produce a newsletter each month, sent out by email. any queries:

Current North Staffs BKA members can login to LoveAdmin (previously trading as PaySubsOnline) to renew their subscription or alter their membership category (eg to add more BDI cover)

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