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NSBKA Social Media Policy

The NSBKA has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Events and posts are also made on and .

Posts are made on the Facebook page to engage members, promote courses and meetings at the Friends Meeting House or on Zoom. It is also a point of contact where members of the public get in touch with NSBKA, often to enquire about how to get rid of

Expectations of contributors:

  • Be positive about NSBKA, be respectful, be kind, encourage beginners, promote good beekeeping practices in line with the NSBKA constitution.
  • Posts are made by individuals and as such the views expressed may be those of the individual and not the NSBKA.
  • All views are welcome, so long as they are expressed in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • Contributors should seek the opportunity to educate the general public about honeybees, beekeeping and pollinators, understanding that Beekeeping is an exceptionally complex subject.